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Terrebonne Pool Table Movers

Green Felt Billiards started in 1982 as a repair shop, billiard supplies store, and pool table mover.

We are not the largest nor the smallest billiard business in Oregon. However, we are the very first in Central Oregon, and we try to give the hard working people of the region the lowest prices on all their billiard needs.

Our Services

Green Felt Billiards provides expert table services across Terrebonne and the Central Oregon region, which includes recovering, moving, and set-ups. We also provide services for cue sticks such as replacing tips and wraps and more.

Pool Table Moving

As experts in handling all sorts of billiard equipment, Green Felt Billiards can make sure that your pool tables are handled properly during the move.

Table Re-covering

We perform pool table re-covering services in Terrebonne and across Central Oregon for when you want to redesign your table or fix any damages on its surface.

Pool Lessons

If you’re just starting on your billiards adventure, we can also help you learn all the know-hows you need through our offered pool lessons.

Table Set-ups

You can also hire us to assemble your pool tables for you if you want to ensure that they are properly handled and fixed.


Billiards isn’t the only game we dabble in. Being as equally deep into Shuffleboard, we also assemble, supply, and repair shuffleboards.


A lot of manufacturers sell tables with “lifetime” warranties. But be careful; most of those warranties are for the life of the table. Depending upon where you live, that might only be 7 years. Olhausen® backs their tables for as long as the original purchaser owns the table — quite a difference. Meanwhile, other companies offer lifetime warranties but do not have the staying power to actually provide a warranty such as Z-Billiards, Pegasus Billiards, and most recently CampRan.

So if you have any problem with your warranties, you can call on Green Felt Billiards to have your table or other pool equipment assembled or repaired. We’re the first billiard repair and supply shop, as well as one of the most trusted pool table movers, in Terrebonne. So you can rest assured that we provide nothing less than top-tier services and products.

About Me

I started playing pool when I was 10 years old and instantly fell in love with the game. I played every day. My first table was a fold-up worth about $100.00. After that, I bought a professional table, and about a year later, no one could beat me. I have been the top shooter in the Central Oregon pool leagues for the last 35 years. Pool has been my life and my passion.

So when I sell a pool table to a person, a part of me goes with that table when I install it. And as an expert pool table mover, I make sure that table is placed with utmost care and zero flaw. I want people to enjoy and love the table that I sell them.

What They Say

Some of our clients in Terrebonne and across Central Oregon have shared their experiences after partnering with us at Green Felt Billiards. We believe that client reviews reveal a lot about our services’ true quality, and we’d love to share them to you so you can know about them yourself.

I had my table recovered, and new rubber on the rails. Jack did a great job setting up my table after having been In storage for 19 years! I would recommend him for anything you need regarding tables and supplies.


Eileen C.

Great guy! Honest and quick. You can tell he knows what he is talking about!! Thanks Jack you were great!


Jake T.

Very Professional with all aspects of the pool industry . I’ve known Jack leu for 40 years we played top dog pool for lack of better word for 25 years every where we played as a team or in competition. He is a Professional at what he does very honest.


Norman M.

Our Works

Take a look at some of the many pool tables from all over Terrebonne and Central Oregon that we’ve worked on, from pool table moving to recovering, repairing, and setups.

We Sell All Kinds of Billiard Equipment
across Terrebonne and Central Oregon

From cue sticks to pool tables and everything in between. Contact us if you ever need any billiard supplies or if you need your pool tables serviced.

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